Hi guys, my name is Janani. I grew up in a small town in Germany but my roots are from Sri Lanka. After Mirko and I became a couple we booked a trip after one month to Mexico. It was not the standard vacation you would do as a fresh couple and I knew there should be many more to come. Currently I’m finishing my studies in Germany and looking forward to many adventures in the near future.


Hello there. My name is Mirko. I am just a normal guy from Germany and travelling is a passion of myself since I turned 16 years. I grew up in a small village and selected a job which allowed me to explore many countries. In professional and private I made it until now to more than 45 countries. But this is just the start of the journey and many more to come. During the last two year I was focussing on creating diverse income stream allowing me to travel more and more. Let’s get on this journey together to maximize travel experience.


This is us!

During our joint travels we experienced that the best moments you have when you do not plan everything ahead and just get lost in the places you are visiting. In 2019 we decided to shared our trips with a larger community on social media and started to build up our accounts on Instagram. During 2020 we launched our own blog and youtube channel to give inspiration to like minded travelers around the globe.

Lets create something together

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